"I've learned that when I am angry I don't talk. Learning about my emotions has changed my life and makes me feel happy. I can inspire people to speak up for themselves and to stand up to their bullies."

4th grade student in Casa's 'Power of You' program

Ocotillo Elementary School

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The Casa Center for Positive Social Change

The Casa Center for Positive Social Change

The Casa Center for Positive Social Change
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Welcome! Casa has been the Arizona leader for over 40 years in addressing child abuse, relationship violence and bullying. As a result, we are convinced that the integration of SEL and EQ is the solution to decrease bullying, meanness, abuse and violence.  Please invest a few minutes of your time to view the short video series below to learn more!  Now is the time for global change. But we need everyone to get involved.

The Casa Center for Positive Social Change teaches skills found in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Bullying Prevention to children, teenagers and adults. Our programs take place in schools and after-school, in businesses, evening classes, and weekend workshops.

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