SEL Session

The life changing benefits of teaching Emotional Intelligence through Social and Emotional learning, simultaneously with bullying prevention techniques touches not only the lives of the students we reach — but their friends, families, teachers, principals and extended community as well.

Below are just a handful of stories expressing how Casa has impacted everyone who comes in touch with our world-class quality of programming.

It is proof positive that becoming more in touch with your interior world is positively powerful.







"I've learned that when I am angry I don't talk. Learning about my emotions has changed my life and makes me feel happy. I can inspire people to speak up for themselves and to stand up to their bullies."
4th grade student in Casa 'Power of You' program
Ocotillo Elementary School

"I always felt like everybody was against me, like nobody liked me. I never trusted anyone. I don't like hurting people, but I do it by accident. That's why I would never share my feelings. I just recently met someone I can trust and I feel like I have known her my whole life. She's the first person I have ever trusted."
6th grade student in Casa 'Power of You' program
Ocotillo Middle School

"I felt safe in the group. I felt like I was learning something valuable."
7th grade student in Casa 'Power of You' program
Explorer Middle School

“Our work with CASA began last March in several small group meetings with a trained CASA professional. What resulted were 42 5th- 8th grade students who were identified as most needing Social and Emotional skill development. In order to track the success of the program, Mesa Arts Academy monitored these students by tracking their behavior referrals. Before CASA’s involvement (pre-March 2016), these 42 students collectively received 70 behavior citations, while post-March (during the CASA training from March to May) only 22 discipline citations were observed, a 69% decrease.”

Michal Dillon, MAA Director of Academics

Mesa Arts Academy Charter School

"Everyone in the school who you substituted for raved about you! They told me that I was so lucky to have such an amazing partner. I had to agree of course! I hope that our partnership can continue into next year!"

Maribel Denise Koerperick, MSW Social Worker

Ocotillo Elementary School

Last year we were fortunate to work with Ms. Cristy Filloon of the CASA EQ/SEL program. We obtained a grant that allowed her to be present on our campus with many of our students. Cristy was absolutely fantastic in every way!  She was on our campus weekly working in our kindergarten and first grade classrooms presenting wonderful social and emotional lessons and skills. I feel confident that any school that receives this program with Ms. Cristy will benefit from the help, support and lessons she and her program provides. Programs like these will improve the well-being of the staff, families and students served."
Emma Sanchez MSW, Social Worker
Washington Elementary School

"Honestly, I was blown away. I got so much valuable information out of it...not just for my kids as a parent, but personally, for my husband and everyone I know.  I desperately wish I had brought my husband and all of us who attended voiced that about our spouses. I think it was so incredible to have this program at our school. Please have it again. I simply loved it.”
Parent comment on Casa Parent Training
Diamond Canyon School